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Hire Well. Do Good.

Members of the D/HH/DB community are no strangers to hard work and determination—a few of the many qualities that help make them outstanding employees. Concerned about the costs of accommodating their needs will offset the value they bring to your company?

It is simply not so.

Ample resources — from technology to training — are available to you and your organization through the Commission and our network of partners. You may even be entitled to certain tax advantages when you hire from the D/HH/DB community.

In 2017, nearly half had no job.


The employment data for members of the D/HH/DB community is sobering. In 2017, nearly half had no job. A rate that hadn’t changed during the previous 10 years.

Those that do find work are often underemployed, suffer from pay inequality, are slower to get promoted, and quicker to be terminated.

Not only are these matters unacceptable, but they are also unsustainable. We all must work together to address and solve these challenges. Our ask is simple: Include members of the D/HH/DB community in your recruiting and hiring processes.

The D/HH/DB community numbers more than 1.1 million in Arizona and covers all ages, genders, ethnicities, and skillsets. They possess unique talents and perspectives that will improve your organization beyond the job at hand.

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