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Want to make your workforce stronger and more unified? Embrace diversity in all walks of life, including by welcoming employees with varying hearing levels. The reasons why are powerful:

You enhance the reputation of your organization. Existing and prospective employees want to work for companies that embrace all members of society.

You reduce employee turnover. Diversity makes work environments more dynamic and more desirable than less diverse workplaces.

You hire better. Diversity attracts diverse candidates. Which means you will be able to choose from among the very best at every position. And that gives your business a distinct competitive advantage.

Our Employer Benefits Package

Aside from fulfilling the needs of a specific job, a D/HH/DB employee brings other valuable benefits to the workplace that do not always show up on their resumes.

Highly adaptable
Members of the D/HH/DB community spend much of their lives finding ways to adapt to the hearing culture. This translates to patience and flexibility within the workplace.

Impressive mediators
Members of the D/HH/DB community excel at bridging communication and cultural gaps in everyday situations. This is reflected in their strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Fresh perspectives
The backgrounds and life experiences of members of the D/HH/DB community are inevitably different than those of their hearing colleagues. A D/HH/DB employee is likely to suggest services, business, or marketing solutions outside the norm.

Exceedingly safe and reliable
Studies have shown that members of the D/HH/DB community are viewed as dependable, loyal, and responsible. They also tend to have overall positive job performance ratings. One study found that D/HH/DB employees rank among the highest safety ratings in the workforce.

Incredible work ethic
Since D/HH/DB candidates often face discriminatory hiring practices, it can be a challenge just to get a foot in the door. Not surprisingly, D/HH/DB employees tend to work hard to secure their position and seek opportunities for career advancement.

Enhance the work culture
A workplace that employs D/HH/DB individuals enriches the culture of the entire organization. Employing D/HH/DB individuals provide all employees the opportunity to work on communication and cooperation skills while challenging people to explore new perspectives.

Increase your exposure
Arizona’s D/HH/DB community totals more than 1.1 million people. And they’re a close-knit group. Employers and businesses that hire from and help support the community will become well-known and earn business from D/HH/DB community members.


Like every American, members of the D/HH/DB community deserve the dignity that comes with being meaningfully employed. And every business that hires from Arizona’s D/HH/DB community deserves something as well: tax benefits.

There are a variety of programs available. Here are some that you may be entitled to when you hire members of the D/HH/DB community. Please talk to your tax adviser for full details.

Disabled Access Credit:
Available to eligible small businesses that pay or incur expenses to provide access to persons with disabilities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Small businesses can obtain a tax credit for 50% of the allowable amount for eligible expenditures.

Barrier Removal Tax Deduction:
Businesses may be able to take an annual deduction for expenses related to removing physical, structural, and transportation barriers for people with disabilities.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit:
This credit provides employers with an incentive to hire persons from certain population groups having a particularly high unemployment rate or other special employment needs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients, vocational rehabilitation referrals and veterans with disabilities.

For more information, visit IRS.gov